Which Module Should I Do Now?

Now that you've identified your priority topics, it's time to select the core module that you'd like to start with.

The core modules are designed to give you a solid foundation of authentic leadership and the live workshops will continually build on these ideas, helping you take your new learnings out into your workplace and your life as a whole. 

The table below shows how each of the core modules in this online platform links to the elements of authentic leadership that we discussed in the previous exercise. Use it to guide you on which module to select. 

Each core module is standalone, so pick the one that resonates with you most. 

As you progress through additional modules you will find that they complement each other and deepen your learning across them all.

Note that these are initial suggestions for where to start - come over and share on slack and I'll give you a more personalised guide at any time. 

Lesson Activity

Pick a module to start with and get going!

Select one to focus on and then go and watch the first video right now! 

If you have more than one option and aren't sure just pick one and try it (or come and ask in slack)! 

If you have any questions, please come over to slack and ask! 

2 Lessons

Getting Started

This is a really flexible programme! You can work through the modules in any order to suit you, but that can sometimes make it difficult to know where to start. 

Use this module to step back and think about where you are right now and your priorities for where you want to grow. Based on your answers I'll guide you to the core modules that you might want to start with, and I'll also use what emerges to tailor the workshops and discussions in the community.  

Lessons for this module 2
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