Identify Your Priorities For The Programme

Welcome to the Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship Programme!

I've deliberately designed the content in the programme to be flexible so that you can go straight to the elements that are most relevant for you, but this can make it difficult to know where to start.

In this introductory lesson, I give a short overview of how the programme works and break down authentic leadership into core areas which the programme will help you to develop.

It will encourage you to step back and consider where you are and where you want to grow so that you can use them to guide where to focus your effort with the training materials, and it will help me understand the support that you are looking for. 


Lesson Activity

Download or sketch out the spider's web diagram before you watch the video. 

As you listen to my description, assess yourself from 1-10 on where you are now, where 10 is where you would like to be. 

Don't overthink it, just capture what comes up, and notice what emerges. 

Once you've rated each area, select the top three which you want to focus most on over the next few months, share them with me below, and then come and share them with us on slack.

The next lesson will make suggestions for the most relevant core modules to focus on based on these priorities, and if you share on slack I will give you a more personalised response. 

Note that there is no right way to answer this - the answers will be completely subjective based on your knowledge right now, so just go with what comes to you - you can always change it! 

2 Lessons

Getting Started

This is a really flexible programme! You can work through the modules in any order to suit you, but that can sometimes make it difficult to know where to start. 

Use this module to step back and think about where you are right now and your priorities for where you want to grow. Based on your answers I'll guide you to the core modules that you might want to start with, and I'll also use what emerges to tailor the workshops and discussions in the community.  

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