What's Your Why?

Stop burning yourself out trying to satisfy everyone else's needs, and get recognised for doing the things that matter to you. 

A one-month self-directed, online programme designed to help you to get clear on the difference you want to make in the world and connect with the inspiration you need to get out there, be visible and get known for the things that are really important to you. 

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Are you fed up with doing everything for everyone else, and never finding the time to do the things that matter to you? 

Do you find that despite your consistent hard work and effort, your contribution often goes unnoticed and you don't get recognised for what you've achieved?

Continuing to putting other people's needs before your own will leave you burned out, frustrated and unfulfilled with no reason for anyone to acknowledge your contribution. 

But there is another way - a way to collaborate with, support and inspire others, while also ensuring you and what you bring shines through. 

When you connect with what’s important to you and understand your “why”, you start to show up differently.

Instead of saying “yes” to everything, you’ll have more clarity on your boundaries and find it easier to say no. 

You’ll have a greater understanding of where you add the most value and the difference it makes, and you’ll find it easier to express this to others. 

You'll set the strategy, inspire others to follow, and ensure the things that get done are the things that really matter. 

And you'll be able to easily explain why.

Designed for you to work through at your own pace, this programme gives you access to three modules of online exercises which guide you to:

  • discover what's important to you, where you add value and the difference you want to make in the world
  • create your own personal mission statement and turn it into a vision which you can confidently communicate to others
  • become more visible, have more impact and lead others, in a way which is authentically aligned with you. 

By the end of the programme, you'll have a deeper understanding of who you are, where you are going and the impact you can have, which will influence your decisions and your actions, and ensure you prioritise the things that matter to you. 

Hi, I'm Emma,

I'll be the guide on your journey to discover your why, and to give a bit of background before you sign up, I thought you might like to know why I'm so passionate about this programme. 

My why is the beacon that guides me on the decisions I make, the opportunities I say yes to, and the things I speak out about and share. And on the days when I'm feeling challenged or insecure about myself, it gives me a reason to stay visible, knowing that sharing my experience might just help inspire you. 

Why is this my why?

I'm a woman who has worked in tech for more than 20 years, and I used to hide away behind a laddish front, trying to fit in, tick the right boxes and present myself in the "right" way to climb the career ladder. Yet when let go of all those expectations and started to show up and speak out about the things I cared about, that's when my career became more fulfilling, more exciting and more rewarding. 

Connecting with my why has made such a massive difference to the things I prioritise and in my confidence in myself and I want to use what I've learned to help you access yours too.  

I want to help you find your beacon, to guide you so that you can have your impact, enjoy life more and inspire others along the way. 

I hope you find your own life-changing shifts in going through this programme as you connect with, take inspiration from, and speak out about your why. 

Lots of love, 


5 Modules

Why Know Your Why?

Before you get started, let's talk about why it helps to understand your why, and identify how it could help you. 

This short exercise will help ensure you focus on the elements of the programme which will bring the most value to you right now.  

Discover The Core Of Your Why

Discover the elements behind your why - the things that are important to you, the skills and capabilities you bring and the difference you could make in the world. 

These exercises will encourage you to look at the elements of your why from a range of different perspectives, and help you create a strong foundation from which to take action. 

Get Clear On Your Why

Keep yourself connected to your why by turning the ideas and information that have emerged from your discovery process into a mission statement and a vision that you can communicate to others. 

Use the exercises in this module to get clarity on and communicate what's really important to you. 

Using Your Why

Translate your why into practical actions you can take in your day-to-day life. Whether you want to increase your visibility, grow as a leader, be more productive or make a change in your career, your why will act as a beacon to guide you. 

Whatever you'd like to focus on right now, this module will help you identify your next steps.

You don't need to have completed all the other modules to get benefit from this module. 

Bonus Content: Sample Uncover Your Mission Session

Listen in to a one-to-one coaching session as I explore Lauren's mission to share her experiences of autism as an adult and provide a resource for others. 

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